Stores with a Story: Panjo’s Pizza Parlor

Panjo’s Pizza Parlor has been family owned and operated at Gulfway Shopping Center since 1964. The small pizza parlor became the first to deliver pizza in Corpus Christi, TX. Urban development south and east of Corpus Christi put the small pizza parlor in the center of an expanding city. The small parlor became a local hot spot for families and tourists.

Jimmie Garret bought the company in 1991, leaving an everlasting tradition of great pizza and service for families to gather around for three generations. Panjo’s has kept the original menu since 1964, along with additional items that were integrated in time. Jimmie was known for sampling his product several times before purchasing them. Panjo’s has kept the same quality in taste and texture for the past 50 years that has brought them raving reviews.

Bubba Jacobs, long time pianist for Panjo’s Pizza Parlor.

Panjo’s Pizza brought great memories for residents and tourists in Corpus Christi. Families would gather around the wooden tables and sing along to old time classics led by local legend, “Bubba” Jacobs. His piano skills were cherished by the community every Friday and Saturday. Bubba led 50 years of “Cheers” and countless good times for families and friends to enjoy.

Panjo’s family environment and quality of food has brought them sustained success for over 50 years. They look forward to keeping the same family atmosphere that Jimmie left. They are still located at the Gulfway Shopping Center on the corner of Airline and S.P.I.D. serving the thin and crispy pizzas our community has enjoyed since 1964.


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