Small Business Saturday at Crossroads Shopping Center

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday and there is an abundant amount of small businesses that call Crossroads Shopping Center home. Small businesses may not have a huge market like corporations do, but small businesses are a huge asset to local communities.

There is nothing small about small businesses when it comes down to our economy. Since 1995, 64% of new jobs in the U.S. have come from small businesses. Small businesses also account for 44% of U.S. private payroll. Higher revenues for small businesses would increase taxes that go directly towards local schools, first responders, and infrastructure.


Here is a list of local merchants:

  • Berry’s Jewelers
  • Coastal Med Spa
  • Skin Care Boutique
  • Jewel’s
  • Catfish Charlie’s
  • Cinderella Dance Studio
  • The Vintage Easel
  • Benjamins
  • Salon Salon

Thank you for giving back to our community!

Crossroads Shopping Center is a centrally located shopping center off the corner of Airline Rd. and McArdle Dr. We have 18 tenants that currently occupy. Peterson Development Company has worked for over 50+ years creating an abundant community around our merchants to establish a safe, fun, and enjoyable shopping experience for both the merchants and the costumers.